About us

Our Mission

Since 1994, IVIS Group has been at the forefront of transforming retailers and brand-owners into market-leading, customer-centric global omni-channel businesses.

We empower our clients through a combination of consulting, technology solutions and services and have extensive experience of collaborating with retailers, particularly in the grocery and fashion sectors.

Many of our clients have worked with us to develop and extend their multi-channel offering over a number of years. We are proud to have defined and implemented multi-channel solutions for Tesco.com since its inception in 1996. IVIS Group won the 2012 International Retailer of the Year Award jointly with Tesco.com for the international rollout of their programme. To this day, we remain a key development partner behind the world's leading online retailer.

Ensuring the customer is at the heart of retailers’ offerings often requires significant business change in a dynamic and highly-competitive market.  MCm²® is a customer-centric, systematic and proven step-by-step approach designed to ensure a successful delivery and on-going optimisation of omni-channel vision.  This vision is delivered and continuously iterated by our team of retail experts and subject matter experts driving customer acquisition and retention and ultimately, profitability.

IVIS Group’s Sonetto Retail Suite is an omni-channel international-ready platform powered by patented intelligent business rules.  Sonetto Retail Suite provides brands and retailers with the means to automatically enrich, internationalise and personalise the customer shopping experience to profitably drive greater sales.  Sonetto is running at the heart of some of the most challenging omni-channel ventures in the world.

IVIS Group approach has distinct proven capability for enabling multi-channel organisations to focus on customer-centricity while supporting multiple business models including International, Concession and Franchising to achieve higher sales, profitability and greater brand penetration.

IVIS Group has extensive international experience through operating in three countries and with solutions deployed in over 20 countries.  With a focus on the Asian market, IVIS Group opened a Malaysian office in Kuala Lumpur in 2007 and a Chinese office in Beijing in 2011.