IVIS Group's Sonetto® Retail extends channels for Tesco Direct


Tesco Direct is a new concept in non-food shopping which brings thousands of products from beds and sofas through to kitchenware, electricals, cameras, bikes and golf clubs to millions more customers at great Tesco prices.

Tesco Direct builds on the success of and Tesco's in-store non-food offer.

We could not have fully delivered Tesco Direct without IVIS Group. Sonetto® has helped us enable a true and integrated multi-channel approach." Jon Higgins IT Director,

However a key challenge for Tesco Direct was a perceived ‘gap' in the retail supply-chain. All supply-chain systems look backwards towards the supplier, rather than forwards towards the customer. Tesco wanted to identify a solution that connected all internal systems and bridged the ‘gap' between the business and the customer.

IVIS Group allowed this ambitious plan to be achieved and using the flexibility and power of Sonetto® Retail delivered product induction and management; pricing and promotions and online marketing capabilities. This has given Tesco Direct true business agility, greater responsiveness and allows them to focus on providing better deals for their customers.