• mcm2v2.png Omni-Channel Maturity Model

    The goal of omni-channel is clear – to provide a rich and consistent shopping experience to customers across all channels. Using an extensive experience over the last 18 years working with some of the world’s leading omni-channel retailers, IVIS Group has developed the Omni-Channel Maturity Model (OCm²®), a customer-centric methodology enabling retailers to successfully navigate this omni-channel journey.

  • aacci2.png AACCI

    IVIS Group Customer Centric Step-up Framework enablesretailers and brands to make the transition to multi-channel smoothly and holistically whatever stage of multi-channel maturity they have already achieved.

  • 7up.png 7 Business Models

    To thrive companies need to differentiate, innovate and propagate by extending their existing and developing new business models to maximise revenue and market share.

  • 2.png Internationalisation

    With a highly competitive domestic market and increasing overseas demand, retailers have been evaluating two sources of potential growth – developing a domestic multi-channel business and expanding their bricks and mortar overseas. With over 5 years of internationalisation experience IVIS Group is well-positioned to assist you through local market knowledge, connections and solutions to give your business global reach and competitive advantage.

  • B2BB2CV2.png B2B to B2C

    Multi-channel gives many opportunities for brands, distributors, wholesalers, franchisors and predominantly concession-based department stores to shift from a B2B model to a B2C model and place the customer at the centre of every decision made, transforming into retailers themselves.