• Multi-Channel Maturity Model

    The goal of omni-channel is clear – to provide a rich and consistent shopping experience to customers across all channels. Using an extensive experience over the last 18 years working with some of the world’s leading multi-channel retailers, IVIS Group has developed the Multi-Channel Maturity Model (MCm²®), a customer-centric methodology enabling retailers to successfully navigate this multi-channel journey.
  • Internationalisation

    With a highly competitive domestic market and increasing overseas demand, retailers have been evaluating two sources of potential growth – developing a domestic multi-channel business and expanding their bricks and mortar overseas. With over 5 years of internationalisation experience IVIS Group is well-positioned to assist you through local market knowledge, connections and solutions to give your business global reach and competitive advantage.
  • Promotions Management

    In today’s multi-channel, voucher-driven era, consumers are demanding better value and competition is fierce. Prices need to be changed more frequently and the number of promotions offered grows ever more quickly. IVIS Group can help you navigate through the complexity of promotions management and execution.