• 2012: IVIS Group celebrates 18 years in the UK and 5 years in Malaysia

  • 2011: US Patent Granted, Opening of Office in Beijing

  • 2010: US & Australian Patents Granted

    Patents were granted in America and Australia for the unique application of semantic technology and business rules in the Sonetto® platform
  • 2009: 15 Year Anniversary

    IVIS Group celebrates 15 years of trading and supporting multi-channel businesses achieve their strategic targets
  • 2008: IVIS Commerce Services launched

    The latest addition to the product portfolio for IVIS Group is the modular e-commerce platform, ICS
  • 2007: Opening of Office in Kuala Lumpur

  • 2007: Sonetto PPM Launch

    IVIS Group Sonetto Pricing and Promotions Management launched
  • Special RAD Award

    2006: Special RAD Award

    IVIS Group wins EMEA RAD Awards for "Multi-channel Retailing" and the "Special Award for Innovation for Sonetto Affiliate Management"
  • 2005: Sonetto CIM Launch

    Tesco.com deploys Sonetto Enterprise PIM to manage product information for the online channel and Sonetto Affiliate Management for managing its affiliate marketing programme
  • 2004: 10 Year Anniversary

  • RAD Award

    2004: RAD Award

    IVIS Group wins the RAD Award for "Greatest Business Impact"
  • 2003: Growth of Tesco.com

    Tesco.com recognised as the largest profitable online business in the world with sales of £500m
  • 2002: EMEA RAD Award

    IVIS Group wins the EMEA RAD Award for "Best use of Open Internet Technologies"
  • 2001: Retail Application Developer (RAD) Award

    IVIS Group wins the Retail Application Developer (RAD) Award for "E-Commerce Solution of the Year" for the Tesco.com online grocery store.
  • 2000: Sonetto Inception

    Development begins for IVIS Group's Sonetto Information Management Solutions
  • 1999: XML Award

    IVIS Group's XML expertise is acknowledged worldwide
  • 1996: First Tesco Engagement

    Tesco engages IVIS Group to help it develop an online service, Tesco.com
  • 1994: Company Founded

    IVIS Group founded to support emerging multi-channel businesses