Building a fuller customer profile – article in Drapers magazine

03 May 2014

logo.pngDrapers, the magazine for all the fashion business, ran an article in their May 3 issue, reflecting on the fact that, whilst retailers amass a wealth of shopper data online, they are missing a trick if they are not doing the same in-store.

Retailers should look at in-store technology to ensure all of their channels are connected and conversion is maximised.

IVIS Group commented that “the more a retailer knows about its customer, the more refined its personalisation can be” and that sophisticated metrics should be in place so the amount of communication to a customer is in line with given customer frequency preference options.

The rate of innovation in retailing due to new technologies is exciting but there is a fine line between customer service and being intrusive and so asking the customer what they want and not crossing that boundary is crucial.