Internet Retailing – International & Cross-border Report 2014

31 July 2014

490_a708a.jpgInternet Retailing’s annual report on International & Cross-border retailing featured an article entitled Connect to a Fast-Changing World, which looked at how retailers that export multichannel models to new markets, while updating them to reflect local expectations, will be well placed for future growth.

Interviewed by Chloe Rigby, IVIS Group CEO Qusai Sarraf commented that the Chinese market is changing particularly quickly. An understanding of the use of mobile is critical for anyone going to Asia, whether it’s China or South East Asia, as their use of mobile is exciting and innovative – “a bridge between the physical and digital world”. He also cautioned retailers about the appropriate use of TMall, the dominant force in Chinese retailing, as using it to sell all lines could “potentially have an impact on your brand values”.

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