Retail without borders article published in The Retailer magazine

31 October 2014

SRA2 120.pngQusai Sarraf, CEO of IVIS Group, was interviewed for the October 2014 issue of The Retailer, the official journal of the Singapore Retailers Association.

In an article entitled “Retail without borders: what can Singapore, China and the UK learn from each other?” Sarraf suggests that Singapore’s late entry into ecommerce could be viewed as an advantage. Singapore has the opportunity to learn from what others have already achieved notably the retail heritage of the UK with the highest multichannel percentage of GDP in the world and China’s innovation and freedom, for example jumping straight from desktop to mobile channels.

As China’s omni-channel ambitions progress, it looks to UK retailers to see what can be changed to bring customer-centricity to the forefront of retail operations. Meanwhile the UK can learn from the more advanced social commerce activities of services such as WeChat in China to develop skills in this area.

Sarraf argues that whilst each country is succeeding in diverse ways, looking to others enables exploration of alternative shopping cultures and adoption of best practice to give a broader understanding of where customer-centric change is possible.

Published on a quarterly basis and with a circulation of 3,000, The Retailer is sent to members of The Singapore Retailers Association and has widespread readership throughout the industry in Singapore and the region.

The article follows on from Mr Sarraf’s presentation and workshop at the Singapore Retail Industry Conference, which IVIS Group sponsored.

IVIS Group has been active in South East Asia since 2007, and opened an office in Singapore early this year.

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