10th China Retailers Convention & Exhibition

15 June 2015

The China General Chamber of Commerce has invited IVIS Group CEO Qusai Sarraf to speak at the 10th China Retailers Convention on 9th July 2015.

Sarraf will deliver a presentation on the topic “Creating customer-centric omni-channel retailing in China to achieve transformation for the retail industry”.


Taking place at Crown International Exhibition Hotel Kunshan, Suzhou, the event is supported by the China Enterprise Confederation and Kunshan People's Government.


In addition Sarraf will take part in the high-level 2015 China Retailing Developing Strategy Roundtable Meeting on July 8th prior to the opening ceremony for the convention. Fellow participants will be relevant government leaders, industry experts, retailers, suppliers and service providers.

Poster for The 10th China Retailers Convention & Exihibition.jpg