The 7-P approach to international omni-channel success

British retailers have undoubtedly built world-leading multi-channel platforms for the domestic market, but targeting overseas consumers often requires a start-up approach. Our objective is to help retailers tackle these challenges.

07 November 2012

461_a595.jpgWe hope our 7-P internationalisation framework outlined in this new whitepaper will inspire retailers to forge ahead and conquer lucrative new territories.

There are different levels of maturity and channel technologies with variable levels of consumer take up. There are diverse cultural tastes and unfamiliar retail business models, myriad payment platforms and tax systems, not to mention legal nuances in every country you touch. Meanwhile, the channels themselves are proliferating. We all know the impact mobile commerce is creating, and that social marketing is becoming a part of everyday life in all corners of the world.

The IVIS Group "7-P approach to international multi-channel success" report analyse the keys for going international successfully.