• 10.png Testing & Quality

    Quality is at the forefront of all successful deliveries. With dedicated, professional testers working continuously in a delivery programme IVIS Group leverage their detailed understanding of your business goals and solutions to enable real world testing to deliver business proven solutions ahead of deployment to your business users.

  • 11.png Digital Branding

    Designing strategically and effectively is one of the more complex areas of omni-channel. It requires great skills and experience to achieve a high-performing website that is brand-resonant and easy to navigate. Our content strategist and visual design teams are experienced professionals and deliver bespoke design concepts for each and every project. Whether its sales focused, for lead generation, or a communications platform, we have the knowledge and experience to help you take your business forward and achieve your goals online.

  • 12.png Solution Delivery Services and Support

    Technology is a key enabler to successful delivery of a omni-channel strategy. Our consultants are experienced in a wide range of solutions ranging from our own specialist products to off the shelf solutions and bespoke applications that can be deployed individually or combined to give a complete solution.

  • 13.png Product Information Enrichment

    IVIS Group creative consultants work with your business and technical teams, and your suppliers to ensure that product information is enriched in an accurate, SEO friendly, consistent, and reliable manner and is appropriate for consumers interacting with your brand across the Web, mobile/tablets, kiosks, EPoS, printed media etc.

  • 14.png Educational Services

    Education and Training are the foundations for successful trading. IVIS Group’s Educational Services have the objective of enabling your team to deliver the organisations vision by real world practitioners delivering training, coaching and mentoring. A trained, confident and enthused team will ensure efficient execution of the business model, introduce innovation, and stimulate problem solving and growth.