Education and Training are the Foundations for Successful Trading

IVIS Group’s Educational Services have the objective of enabling your team to deliver the organisations vision by real world practitioners delivering training, coaching and mentoring.

What Educational Services does IVIS Group offer?

Education and training constitute an important foundation of a successful business.  Training can be educational and provide individuals with skillsets that can be applied in different environments; for example the ability to analyse and distil key information.  Training can also be vocational and enable individuals to carry out their job role and responsibilities inherent in managing a complex business.

IVIS Group delivers a broad range of educational services from formal classroom based training to senior manager coaching and mentoring.  IVIS Group can for example, carry out an audit of a team’s skills and create an action plan to address individual training and performance improvements.  This can take the form of on the job training and knowledge sharing or workshops and coaching.  As part of this service the organisation as an entity is also analysed to ensure that it is balanced and aligned with the corporate vision and business objectives.

IVIS Group also delivers standard multi-channel courses for business and IT Managers.  These multi-disciplinary programmes deliver all the skills and knowledge that retail professionals need to become successful Multi-Channel experts.  From how to create a multi-channel strategy for your business to interpreting and acting upon KPI data by conducting skills training to enable the team take action to benefit the online business.

Why IVIS Group?

The distinctive aspect of the Educational services provided by IVIS Group is that our training consultants include business and IT professionals who bring real-world insights.  In addition, our courses and delivery have been endorsed by private and public organisations.  On completion of the commissioned educational services you will also receive additional feedback on recommendations for areas that could be improved within your organisation; rather than just complete the course evaluation form.

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