Rich Product Information for your Customers

Customers are placing ever increasing demands on retailers to provide richer information about their products, with basic specifications being superseded by product attributes with relevance to discrete customer groups, images, videos, and reviews.

The multi-channel market has moved toward a customer-centric, demand driven approach with customers dictating how and when they want to shop.  With retailers offering an increasing number of product lines from multiple suppliers, integrating product enriched  information, managing it through the business and ensuring it is consistent across all channels is a complex process.  Furthermore, a personalisation of content according to customer profile and online behaviour improves the commercial relationship.

IVIS Group creative consultants work with your business and technical teams, and your suppliers to ensure that product information is enriched in an accurate, SEO friendly, consistent, and reliable manner and is appropriate for consumers interacting with your brand across the Web, mobile/tablets, kiosks, EPoS, printed media etc.

As well as enrichment, services also include the creation of style guides including photo shoots, photography fashion styling, art direction, photo shoot production and design of catalogues.  For high-end luxury products, product information can be further developed by the inclusion of up to date latest trends, “What’s hot”, “Get the Look” cross-sell links etc.

Why IVIS Group?

The distinctive aspect of the Product Enrichment service provided by IVIS Group is that our network of creative consultants include fashion editors, beauty experts, photo editors, stylists, PR specialists, as well as consultants who are enriching product information and mindful of the impact of these enrichments will have on typical performance indicators such as sales, site visitors, popularity, search engine visibility.

Contact us to learn more about how IVIS Group Product Enrichment consultants can help your business today in transforming supply-chain centric data into rich customer-centric information.