Testing & Quality Assurance

Software testing investigates the quality of the product or system under test. It provides stakeholders information whether the software product will be acceptable to its end users or audience. Software testing involves the process of verifying and validating software so that it meets the requirement and meets expectations of its users.

What Testing Services does IVIS Group offer?

Testing, if carried out well, leads to better software quality, contributing to the development of “fit-for-purpose” systems that work according to the requirements, quality attributes and expectations, either implicit or other. It provides insight into the quality of the system, which instils confidence in the system. Testing prevents damage while the system is live because errors have been detected during testing and solved on time, taking away the cause of systems failure.

An important aspect to note is that software testing can be implemented at any time in the software development process, depending on the development model, but in general would produce better quality software if performed earlier in the software development lifecycle.

There are also many type of testing including unit testing, functional testing, regression testing and performance testing to name a few. Excluding unit testing, all other type of testing are usually best carried out by a dedicated team to ensure reduction of competing priorities.

IVIS Group offer Test Strategy and Planning services and able to provide test teams to help your organisation through all of the test cycles, or selected phases.  For example, Systems Integration Testing, Application/Development Performance Testing, Website performance testing, Regression Testing, User Acceptance Testing and Operational Acceptance Testing (handing over projects to live support teams.

Why IVIS Group?

At IVIS Group we also develop commercial packaged software, and share the same development and speed-to-market/speed-to-customer challenges that you face.

IVIS Group Quality Assurance testers are efficient at executing the test cycles, but they are not mechanical.  They often identify why testing is failing and feedback into the development/implementation lifecycle.  They contribute to a debate about process and design improvements.

Contact us to learn more about how IVIS Group Quality Assurance consultants can help your business today in delivering testing excellence to your customers; whether external or internal business users.