• 8.png Omni-Channel Platform

    Changes in retail are being driven by the consumer, as well as by the proliferation of new channels and the increased choice that this provides. Businesses have to rethink their operational models to find new ways to interact with customers to add more value to the overall shopping experience. IVIS Sonetto® Retail Suite provides your business with a platform that is aligned with eCommerce best practices.

  • 6.png Product Information Management

    It is important to understand how customers interact with you and how they make their decisions to purchase. With Sonetto® Product Information Management (PIM), businesses gain an important step up in that fight for competitive advantage by providing the right information, on the right products, to the right customers, at the right time.

  • 7.png Price and Promotions Management

    Sonetto® Price and Promotions Management allows you to create and manage rich price, promotion and coupon campaigns across all sales channels from a single solution. It dramatically increases the richness of promotion and coupon mechanics available without re-engineering existing technology assets, giving immediate benefit to customers in terms of their buying experience, and to you in the form of increased sales.