Channel Specific Pricing and Customer Targeted Promotions & Vouchers

Define accurate pricing and promotions, targeted to customers and executed across channels via a guided process based on business rules


Sonetto® Price and Promotions Management (PPM) is a simple, centralised solution for the management of product prices across multiple channels. It enables business users to set basic selling prices manually with the use of an external pricing source.

With the ability to configure manual or automatic approvals of pricing the business user has complete control and visibility of the entire process.  This ensures the smooth flow of standard corporate pricing through to sales channels, while maintaining control over all other pricing for suppliers, channel specific products or those only sold online.

Business users also have the capability of setting prices in advance by using date ranges. Sonetto® PPM is programmed to automatically alert the necessary systems of price increases or decreases, and return product price to its original level once the set price change expires. Therefore discounted products can easily return to their correct selling price following an offer period.

Sonetto® PPM maintains a complete pricing history for all products and provides analysis on price trends. The system is user friendly and gives a clear understanding of price trends for any particular product. With graphic visualisations it demonstrates the direction and outcome of any planned changes.

Sonetto® PPM allows you to create and manage rich promotion and coupon campaigns across all sales channels from a single solution. It dramatically increases the richness of promotion and coupon mechanics without re-engineering existing technology assets, giving immediate benefit to customers in terms of their buying experience, and the retailer in terms of sales.

It gives trading teams the ability to quickly create new promotion or coupon campaigns, validate them against other activity, and release them for immediate customer use. Management and administration costs throughout the planning, evaluation and execution phases are dramatically reduced.

Maintaining complete visibility and control over promotional campaign is essential to avoid losing margin. It is also necessary for analysis on the effect of campaign activity on customer behaviour.

Sonetto® PPM’s validation process provides immediate warnings or feedback after any changes are made to a particular campaign/s. This system eliminates duplication as well as the time and effort spent on manual checking of products on promotion.

Default validation rules are configured to business requirements and can be reviewed and updated over time to reflect changing business conditions and strategies. For instance, a company may only want to put a particular product on a single promotion at a time or only particular categories of products in multiple bundle promotions. However, in ‘one off’ cases it is also possible to override settings without impacting the whole campaign.

Sonetto® PPM ensures the creation, management and visibility of rich, flexible promotional bundles. It is possible to create up to six groups of products within a single promotion, and to define the purchasing criteria for each in order to provide the customer with the ability to purchase a large variety of bundles. Therefore Sonetto® PPM is not constrained by the amount of products and can easily manage different product prices within product groups.

Promotional bundles are widely used by businesses to attract customers and have proved extremely successful in attracting customers to your brand. Success lies in the selection of the bundle characteristics which will determine both the performance of the promotion and the margin to be retained by the business.

Using the rules engine, Sonetto® PPM supports you in dynamically selecting the optimum bundles of products depending on the target of the promotion - are you looking to increase sales of a particular item; push the prominence of a particular brand or maximise margin across the range.

Business users have the option to utilise the promotions specialisations to help define targeted, customer and channel-specific promotion and coupon campaigns.

Sonetto® PPM also allows users to set up specific promotions which are exclusively available on line, in store or in a particular region or country. But it is the customer that is essential to the success of any campaign, and using the customer segmentation capabilities you can target your promotion to groups of customers or down to individuals. Using the power of the Sonetto® rules engine, customer demographics and behaviour can be used to target promotions. For the first time, dynamic 1:1 marketing is truly possible.

Where the customer is known at the point of checkout, such as on line, segmentation information can be used in real time as criteria for promotional eligibility. This gives businesses the capability to target specific segments of the customer base and to reward high value customers.

Coupon campaigns are widely used to target specific customer groups. Sonetto® PPM successfully manages entire coupon campaigns by generating codes, managing redemptions and discounts in accordance with the campaign budget. By using a single solution, business users have a completely centralised, scalable and transparent view of coupon campaigns.

Sonetto® PPM manages coupon campaigns automatically from start to end. This avoids customers receiving promotions after they should have ended.

As a particular campaign date is reached the price update, or promotion/coupon information is published to the necessary systems i.e. Sonetto® iTransact, back office or website.

When the campaign end date or coupon limits are reached, it is automatically withdrawn from the transactional systems and the product price is updated.

These processes happen once a day, however super-users are able to set updates at any time – for releasing new or updating existing campaigns, or to remove active campaigns with immediate effect in the event of errors.

In today’s fast moving, competitive consumer-driven market, customers are demanding better value and have a high expectation of a positive and consistent shopping experience across channels. Therefore in order to succeed, companies need to fulfil and exceed these expectations. IVIS Group’s Sonetto® PPM offers retailers an easy-to-use solution for planning, executing and managing accurate, consistent and effective price and promotions campaigns throughout the multi-channel environment.

With a single solution business users are able to quickly create, deliver and manage promotion and coupon campaign across their sales channels, without the need to engage IT resources. Sonetto® PPM removes the complexity of managing campaigns by calculating multi-layered pricing and promotions across products, bundles, baskets and coupons.

Through validating campaigns against other pricing and promotions activities, potential conflicts and double discount issues are eliminated.

With Sonetto® PPM customers receive a consistent and pleasant customer experience and as a result retailers gain increased sales and revenues.

Creating the pricing and promotions for your business is only half of the challenge, more critical for most businesses is how to effectively execute in a dynamic, rapidly changing multi-channel environment.

Sonetto® iTransact evaluates the customer order basket from POS, online or any other order management solution and returns the details of the campaigns a customer is eligible for based on the contents of their shopping basket at that point in time. This can occur at the final checkout point, returning the discount details to the POS or online basket, or as items are added to the basket to give immediate customer feedback as they trigger each price, promotion or coupon campaign.

Sonetto® iTransact is designed to be easily integrated into the disparate order management solutions across your channels – POS in store, shopping services embedded in your online website, customer call centre ordering system, via a simple web service call containing the order details, plus any personalisation and specialisation information.

An immediate response is sent with the total discount, and rich information containing the supporting details of campaign name, line discounts, and other supporting data so that anything from a single basket level discount, to individual line by line detail can be displayed to your store assistant or customer, and recorded on the sales invoice.

Coupon campaigns are evaluated in the same way, with the addition of the provision of a valid coupon code. This coupon code is passed from the system managing the order basket, and Sonetto® iTransact looks for the details of the campaign and calculates the reward.


Refunds and exchanges

The challenges of applying correct prices and discounts when customers refund and exchange products are made simple by Sonetto® PPM retaining knowledge of the campaigns in effect at the time the original order was completed. It simply refers to the correct set of active campaigns at a point in time to calculate the product price that should be applied to the returned products.


Missed promotions

In addition to evaluations made on the order basket content, Sonetto® PPM can optionally also return detail about the products a customer has in their basket that are on other campaigns. This information can be presented to store assistants or customers in order to suggest promotions that they could take advantage of should they purchase more multiples of products in their basket, or other associated products.