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The Customer-Centric Maturity Model (Cm)²® is a strategic retail consulting methodology to drive business transformation by providing templates for assessing and guiding retailers based on established maturity models.

Retailers, brands and wholesalers have embarked on the journey of business transformation for a number of years with varying degrees of success based on the maturity of the market. However, the focus of business transformation has often focused on the use of digital and in many cases there is a lack of execution and alignment across the organisation.

(Cm)²® addresses the above challenges by providing a methodology based on practical experience spanning more than 25 years across Europe, North America and Asia. The methodology is based on a collaborative approach, based on the underlying principle of knowledge transformation; which is part of our culture of creating a win-win partnership with our clients.


Many of the activities relating to business transformation are engagements with consulting organisations to provide an assessment followed by high level recommendations. Often these recommendations are not practical enough and hard to implement while maintaining business as usual. Also, it is very challenging to decide upon the starting point and to have a clear roadmap visible for all and supported across the organisation.

Change is hard. It challenges people outside their comfort zone and if there is no buy-in and people are not clear on what is in it for them, then it is often met with inertia. This is all happening at a time when retail is suffering globally, as businesses are desperately trying to evolve, whilast still struggling to control spiralling costs.

The Customer-Centric Maturity Model is a strategic consulting and change program, providing templates for assessing organisations based on maturity models.


(Cm)²® is created and delivered by real retail professional with global experience across marketing, supply chain, merchandising, customer service, IT and production. The methodology provides a set of templates, assessment tools and maturity models based on proven real world experience. We help organisations achieve alignment on vision, shared values and strategies to be implemented based on their long term ambitions. In addition, we help identify a series of short-term iterations to gradually achieve business transformation one step at a time, while focussing on the overarching roadmap and vision.

(Cm)²® is made up of three phases: Strategy, Business Transformation and Optimisation. Across the three phases, we aim to deliver the five pillars of business change: Alignment, Agility, Customer Centricity, Collaboration and Innovation.

Enrichment Maturity Model

The Enrichment Maturity Model (EMM) is a customer-centric framework which assesses the capabilities of the customer offering of a retailer. It provides a helpful comparison tool for benchmarking its customer-centric maturity level against other retailers and your digital strategy.

We analyse your brand strategy positioning, your merchandising methodology and the personalisation approach of your online presence to provide a complete Maturity Model as well as a roadmap to achieve a complete personalised digital strategy.

Our approach aligns with your business strategy, goals and market trends to ensure a complete Customer Centricity.

EMM gauges the retailer’s performance and its execution against food retailing best practices in enrichment on a regional basis and answers the questions:

  • What are my strengths & weaknesses?
  • How do I compare to my peers?
  • What do I need to do to elevate/improve?

EMM assesses and benchmarks across three dimensions of the shopping maturity:

  • Why: Measuring shopping drivers
  • What: Measuring retail dialogue
  • How: Measuring the cusomer journey



Practical methodology based on more than 25 years experience in international Customer Centric retailing


Customer-centric focusing on the main departments engaged in the customer journey


Combines long-term, big picture vision and roadmap with agile iterations


Based on a collaborative approach aimed at maximum knowledge transfer and client empowerment


Delivered by Retail Subject Matter Experts and Management Consultants



  • Achieving transformation with minimum impact to Business As Usual


  • Empowers the team, not only solves problems – through collaborative consulting, educational programs and mentoring/coaching


  • Clear and systematic plan for customer centric retailing and international expansion

Customer Centric

  • Transformation of business model from B2B focus (wholesale, Franchising) to Customer Centric Retailing

Identity Retailing ‘Shopping the Way Customers’ Want’

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