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rimaRetail® Services

Provides a number of subscription cloud-based services using an on-demand business model: Product Enrichment, Nutrition Ranking and Recipe Building.

rimaRich® - Product Enrichment

rimaRich® transforms core product data with rich customer-centric information including food reaction (allergen, sensitivity), values, diets, lifestyle, life stage, usage and creative.

rimaRich® harmonises product information from various suppliers into an easy-to-read visual format

rimaRich® engages and drives the customer journey by enabling accurate and transparent information.

Seamlessly integrates to upstream product integration to enable cascading of benefits across all customer touchpoints

rimaRank® Nutrition Ranking

rimaRich® ranks food products based on nutrition scoring so that customers can quickly determine if the products viewed match their health expectations.

rimaRank® can be branded as your own proprietary scoring solution to provide even more assurance to your customers.

It is based on a proprietary nutrition scoring algorithm at the product category level, hence delivering more accurate results.

rimaRecipe® Recipe Building

rimaRecipe® transforms static recipes into interactive recipes by enabling your customers to shop and/or swap ingedients not matching their health and dietary needs.

rimaRecipe® makes meal-planning easier for customers by incorporating the necessary ingredients into their shopping baskets immediately.

rimaRecipe® enables catering businesses to build recipes in addition to the benefits to retail organisations

Sonetto® Solutions

Solutions comprising Product Experience Management and Promotions Toolkit. In addition, full integration services are provided including data cleansing & migration, UI/UX & web development and testing & quality. 

Product Information Management PXM

Retailers need to speak the customers’ language across all touchpoints for higher sales, profitability and brand penetration.  Sonetto® PXM provides an on-demand customer-centric solution with a competitive entry point.  It centrally manages product data across channels, regions and segments.  Sonetto® PXM powers global retailers by patented technology to automate tasks including data cleansing, product management, categorising & merchandising. 

Promotion Toolkit PTK

Sonetto® Promotion Toolkit PTK provides an on-demand rich tool set to create, manage and execute promotions consistently across all channels delivering rich customer experience while protecting margins. Sonetto® PTK empowers retailers to engage with customers in an interactive, personalised and seamless dialogue. This dialogue is customisable based on the brand values and target segments to cover a wide range of benefits from discounts, promotions, bundles, coupons, rewards to membership exclusive benefits. 

(Cm)²® Management Consulting

Customer-Centric Maturity Model (Cm)²® is an end-to-end methodology targeting retailers, brands and wholesalers to assist in transforming into Customer Centric Retail businesses. 

(Cm)²® captures experience of over 25 years in working with some of the world’s leading Customer Centric retailers.  The methodology is made up of three phases: Strategy, Transformation and Optimisation. 


Four to six weeks engagement to deliver the following:

  • Vision document – using customised templates, facilitating the creation of quantifiable vision with stakeholder alignment balancing financial goals, customers aspiration, brand values and channels.
  • Strategy Recommendation – using proven maturity models, assessing working practice of departments including: Marketing, Merchandising, Supply Chain, Customer Service and IT. Detailed recommendations are provided on individual departments and the organisation as a whole.
  • Roadmap – capturing the results of the Vision and Strategy Recommendations into a roadmap with timeline, budget and high-level process.


This is a change program to transform the business which typically could take 2 to 5 years. Our engagement can be to initiate it, taking part in checkpoints or to run the program.  Our approach in business transformation is outlined as follows:

  • Top-down approach linking the vision and strategy and map it into a series of project releases to implement the roadmap.
  • Bottom-up approach identify projects that fit within iterations of 2-3 weeks to implement the transformation incrementally and iteratively.
  • Provision of a master plan to engage all the relevant departments with clear customer impact/engagement indicators


This is an ongoing retention service to support the business after go live with transformation to ensure it is running at maximum efficiency and in line with the roadmap and maintaining pace with the market trends. Optimisation consists of three elements: Mentor, Monitor and Map:

  • Mentor: providing education programs and coaching on one-to-one to the leadership team or to individual teams/departments
  • Monitor: evaluate business performance on regular basis to provide assistance from product launches and campaigns to business as usual
  • Map: provide thought leadership and global trends analysis and how this impact the business.

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