Our Vision

Identity Retailing


“To provide our clients with the services necessary to transform their relationship with their customers to be based on “shopping the way they want”.  In addition, we give our clients with the necessary tools and services to help them link the internal silos to improve collaboration and to put the customer at the heart of the decision making.”

The first part of our vision is about building a Continuous Dialogue relationship with customers, we also refer to this as Identity Retailing. This type of relationship isn’t just about personalisation. It is about understanding the influencers behind shopping which are dependent on the category. Food shopping is about allergens, diet, lifestyle & values and life stage. Fashion shopping is more inspirational covering styling and image management but also include lifestyle & values.

A continuous Dialogue relationship cannot be achieved by focussing on product retailing and transactions. To succeed, the focus needs to be on the customer journey to make it rich & seamless, also on the product information to encompass the information needed for customers to make decisions when they find, verify, get inspirations, plan and engage in social media.

The second part of the vision is looking into the organisation itself of our retail clients to help them with the transition needed. Many retailers have been involved in business transformation for more than a decade. However, the term transformation here is used to refer to Digital Transformation. As the recent crisis has demonstrated, if retailers have not achieved a digital strategy by now, viability is questionable. We believe transformation goes much deeper than just the digital readiness into the actual core data which needs to be cleansed, structured and enriched upstream such that the benefits cascade across departments and touchpoints.

At the heart of transformation needed, is to achieve alignment across the departments to avoid the typical silos that govern the way we work. With alignment, we can achieve true collaboration as needed and expected by customers. The third goal is to achieve agility which comes as a result of following the motto “do once and share many”.

The fourth goal which follows is innovation which is about spending the time saved in performing mundane operational tasks to identify new opprtunities to interact with and and serve customers.  The fifth and final goal consolidates the other steps into Customer Centricity, thinking and acting as customers.

IVIS Group vision and purpose is to help our client deal with the above opportunities and challenges by providing them with an array of outsourced services, technology solutions and strategic/operational consulting tailored to their needs.

Identity Retailing ‘Shopping the Way Customers’ Want’

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