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The Customer at the Center

Product Experience Management – Sonetto® PXM

Speak your customer’s language across all touchpoints

Retailers need to speak the customer’s language across all touchpoints for higher sales, profitability and brand penetration. Sonetto® PXM on Azure provides an on-demand customer-centric solution with a competitive entry point.  It centrally manages product data across channels, regions and segments. Sonetto® PXM powers global retailers using patented technology to automate tasks including data cleansing, product management, categorising & merchandising.


The dichotomy between customer’s expectations and retailer’s capabilities is widening all the time.  Customers expect transparency and a rich and seamless customer journey.  They expect retailers to understand their lifestyle and preferences and to speak their language.

Retailers on the other hand, are challenged to evolve their product management to meet customers’ expectations against a backdrop of poor product quality and increased IT cost and complexity. Retailers strive to expand their market share across multiple categories, channels, regions, business models and segments.

Retailers need to adapt their product information across a myriad of touchpoints, whilst minimising cost and complexity


Sonetto® PXM on Azure is a customer-centric solution with a competitive entry point. It centrally manages product data across all channels, regions and segments. Sonetto® PXM powers global retailers by capturing business knowledge and using patented technology to automate tasks including data cleansing, product management, product categorising & merchandising.

Sonetto® PXM enables retailers to create, manage and deliver customer-centric product information across all categories, channels, target segments & regions



Built on an extensible data repository rather than a catalogue, to enable true lifestyle retailing


  • Built-in AI Business Rules engine, achieving efficiency and agility
  • Visual interface using a “By Example” metaphor for business users to “teach” the solution


  • Extended functionality includes Cleansing, Merchandising and Categorisation
  • Central console to manage product information across brands, categories, channels, regions, business models and target segments


Maximises Customer Retention

  • Provides customer-centric lifestyle information
  • Optimises product management per channel, region and segment
  • Improves the customer journey enabling them to find products easily and reduce returns

Substantial reduction in data inaccuracy and enhanced customer satisfaction

Increases Sales and Conversion

  • Improves ranking and product findability
  • Creates comprehensive, rich and accurate product information
  • Increases basket size through cross-selling and upselling tools

Reduction of abandoned baskets and on returns

Accelerated Time-to Market and Cost Reduction

  • Shortens product induction time-to-market
  • Uses machine-automation to streamline process and reduce cost
  • Increases collaboration across the business and supply chain

Highly accelerated product refresh

Product Promotion Toolkit – Sonetto® PTK

Drive sales through compelling cross-channel promotions and loyalty schemes that protect margins

Customers are not only sensitive to price; they are also demanding greater personalisation in the offers they receive – they expect far more compelling, targeted promotions that reflect their lifestyle.


Maintaining consistent pricing and promotions across channels has always been a challenge for retailers. Now there is additional pressure to offer far more compelling, targeted promotions with a higher perceived value to consumers. The challenge has become more complex, with the need to avoid errors that affect the bottom line becoming ever more critical.

While price sensitive segments have always existed, other target segments demonstrate and increased interest in promotions that reflect their lifestyle. These segments are well informed, connected and expect to be rewarded not only on the transactions but also on their social network activities.


Sonetto® PTK delivers a centralised console to manage promotions across all physical and digital channels and regions.  The solution provides a high degree of agility in creating complex promotions, utilising the award-winning visual interface and the large number of promotion templates available out of the box. Sonetto® PTK is at the heart of some of the most challenging global retail operations, helping them manage and evaluate promotion eligibility and loyalty in real time across all channels.  The solution delivers highly targeted promotions for channels, date, time, segments, regions, cities and stores.

Sonetto® PTK allows management of rich media promotion and coupon campaigns across all sales channels from a central console.

Delivery the right promotion to the right customer for the right product on the right channel at the right time.


Rich Promotions Capabilities

  • Synchronises promotions across physical and digital channels
  • Supports dynamic promotions – e.g. based on stock availability

Agility & Ease of Use

  • Promotions are based on Target-Threshold-Reward model, which can be used to create any promotion type
  • 100+ promotion templates out of the box

Precise Targeting

  • Finely target customers by integrating directly to CRM
  • High granularity target by region, city, store, date and time


Sonetto® PTK extends your promotional and loyalty capability and improves your agility whilst maintaining accuracy and consistency across channels.

Reduce Time-to-Market

  • Pre-defined promotion templates with an easy to use interface
  • Avoid price and discount issues with cross-channel promotion validation
  • One-click publishing across all channels while maintaining consistency and accuracy

Expand to new channels quickly

Maximise Margin

  • Create compelling offers with coupons, vouchers, flash, mix & match, multi-buy, bundling, loyalty, and other complex promotions
  • 1-to-1 promotions targeting channels, time, segments & products
  • Reward not only based on transactions but on broader loyalty

ROI of 400% within 6 months

Reduce Costs

  • Enable complex pricing and promotion tasks to be undertaken quickly and flexibly
  • Maintain consistency and accuracy across channels
  • Pay only for what you use through a subscription-based model

Reduce infrastructure costs by up to 15% and training by a third

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