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Creating a Dialogue with Your Customers

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We help retailers worldwide transform their business. We provide frameworks, templates and insights to assess the capabilities of your product offering and digital capabilities beyond an omni-channel presence.

Our proven methodology provides the rhythm to drive your business transformation to meet your customers’ expectations for a better offering and a more personalised experience.

The Customer-Centric Maturity Model (Cm)²® is our strategic retail consulting methodology providing templates and processes for assessing and guiding retailers towards achievement of digital transformation.

The Enrichment Maturity Model (EMM) is a customer-centric framework which assesses the degree of customer personalisation of your digital channels offering.

“9 in 10 retailers’ websites do not  provide a personalised customer journey”

Source: IVIS Group retailers’ study, March 2022

We can help you change that

(Cm)²® helps organisations achieve alignment on vision, shared values and strategies to be implemented, based on their long-term ambitions.

Identifies a series of short-term iterations to progressively achieve business transformation one step at a time, whilst retaining focus on the overarching roadmap and vision.

The EMM provides a helpful comparison tool for benchmarking your customer-centric maturity level against both competitors and your internal digital roadmap – ensuring alignment with your business strategy, goals and market trends to ensure complete Customer Centricity.

We analyse your brand strategy positioning, your merchandising methodology and personalisation approach, to provide a roadmap to achieve a personalised digital execution to help you deliver competitive differentiation.


Achieving transformation with minimum impact to Business As Usual

Empowers the team, not only solves problems – through collaborative consulting, educational programs and mentoring/coaching

Clear and systematic plan for customer-centric retailing and international expansion

Transformation of business model from B2B focus (wholesale, Franchising) to Customer-Centric Retailing

Challenge us

Are you faced with competing and misaligned silos within your business? Do you see a lack of consistency and congruity around the customer experience? Do you believe that business transformation is still about digitisation, rather than focusing on the customer?


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Identity Retailing ‘Shopping the Way Customers’ Want’

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