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Customer Insight

Understanding customer trends based on their product shopping history

Help your customers understand how healthy their baskets are over time

Leverage better understanding of customer shopping behaviour to drive your ecommerce operations 

Alert and inform your customers of their health and dietary shopping patterns and trends.

“84% of food products fail to claim at least one of their 3 most searched attributes”

Source: NIQ, January 2021

We can help you change that

Retailer Insight

Providing retailers with better product intelligence based on customers’ health, lifestyle and sustainability needs

Obtain demographic, geographic and historical insights about your customers’ dietary and health shopping patterns and choices.

Discover new product merchandising opportunities. Optimise existing ranges

Identify the gaps in the market for new product development opportunities

Track your products and discover new trends based on shopping behaviour

Drive new product ranges and innovation

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Identity Retailing ‘Shopping the Way Customers’ Want’

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