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Rich product data is at the heart of each buying decision

Our Product Enrichment Services provide extensive health, lifestyle and sustainability data for grocery products, and are extendable into health& beauty, home/soft furnishings, general merchandise and fashion.

Product Enrichment

Our Product Enrichment Services provide extensive health, lifestyle and sustainability data for grocery and health & beauty products

Enriches basic product data to provide accurate health, nutrition, diet, allergens, values, lifestyle, life stage and usage attributes in an easy-to-read visual format.

We power your search engines, product filters and product details pages to enable your customers to easily find the products they need.

We are not here to tell you what you can eat, we do much more…

Seven enrichment dimensions and more than 260 product attributes

“72% of shoppers say transparency matters”

Source: Food Industry Association (FMI), 2022

Health Ranking

Customers need to quickly interpret nutritional traffic lights and detailed dietary information to ensure that each buying decision meets their health needs

Make it easy for your customers to compare products’ health and nutritional ranking.

Using category-specific, customisable algorithms, rimaRank® scores products to allow the customer to easily identify the healthiest option when either comparing items during the shopping journey or when substituting products in the basket.

One specific formula per product category, resulting in a more adapted and accurate scoring

Recipe Enrichment

Generate greater interactivity with your customers via a customisable recipe platform where ingredients can be added/swapped based on dietary or health criteria and added to the customer’s shopping basket.

Recipes enriched with allergens and nutritional information make it easier for customers to swap ingredients for healthier or allergen-free alternatives before adding them to their baskets.

Provides recipe inspiration throughout the entire shopping journey directly at the product level.

Packaging Enrichment

Rank the environmental sustainability of your product’s packaging

Provide customers with a simple, informative way of understanding the product packaging’s impact on the environment

We rank the various components of packaging across 6 dimensions to make it easier to decipher how sustainable is the packaging of each individual product

We are answering Customers’ Needs

We provide intelligent product enrichment that covers the span of customers’ needs from a lifestyle, health and wellness perspective

Today’s customers are faced with many food choices, but they lack easily accessible information within their shopping journey shopping journey to help them find products, verify their suitability, and thereby make simple purchase decisions. Providing rich and accurate information at every step of the shopping journey is both a priority and challenge for every retailer.


Accuracy and transparency

Improve product information displayed to customers, reducing the need for customers to look elsewhere for product information and insight.

Increase sales

Augment product searches, increase basket size, improve product SEO ranking, drive conversion and ultimately enhance loyalty.

Customer Centric

Rich health, dietary and lifestyle information in single place. Seamless shopping experience with all information easy to view, creating personalisation within the shopping journey.
The services combine to enhance engagement and interaction via our dynamic dialogue approach. We create the circumstances for a discussion with the customer to ensure that they get the products that they really want, and to create Sustainable Diets.

Conform to legal regulations

Customer facing data compliance with UK and European Union health and food safety regulations (e.g allergens, Natasha’s Law, EU n° 1169/2011)

Reduce operating costs

Reduce product data errors and effort during product induction. Reduce refunds and call centre queries with better and more accurate product information. Improve product benchmarking, planning and forecasting.

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