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Leading the Transformation to Identity Retailing

Shopping the way Customers Want

IVIS Group empowers clients through a combination of SaaS Product Enrichment & Cleansing Services, patented technology solutions and strategic retail consulting. This drives higher sales, profitability and greater brand penetration globally for the likes of Tesco, Marks & Spencer and Carphone Warehouse.

rimaRetail® is a unique suite of real-time and dynamic services driving the customer journey by transforming base product data into rich lifestyle information using a combination of XAI technology and extensive retail ontology. Sonetto® delivers international award-winning product experience and promotions management across physical and digital channels through patented technology that automates merchandising and enrichment to personalise the customer shopping journey. (Cm)²® Customer-Centric Maturity Model is a customer-centric proven methodology delivering a strategic consulting and operational business change framework to transform retailers and brand owners into Customer Centric businesses.

IVIS Group help retailers to deliver the vision of Identity Retailing “Shopping the way Customers Want” through making the transition from “Product Retailing” to “Retailing as Continuous Dialogue”.


In a market where change is the only constant, retailers continue to strive to close the gap between their capabilities and customer expectations.  Customers have more choice than ever, and their demands are increasingly more sophisticated, leaving retailers to play catch-up

A new paradigm is dawning based on a continuous dialogue with customers, where retailers support them through the entire customer journey, as they choose where, when and how to shop.  As retailers transform their businesses and engage in a dialogue with customers, the focus is shifting from product retailing to lifestyle retailing and from transaction based to customer journey led experiences.

We have been at the heart of this business transformation and we are here to support you in this transition.



  • Customer Driven – Putting the customer at the heart of decision making and our roadmap
  • Accountability – Taking ownership to ensure responsibilities and deliverables are achieved as expected
  • Partnership – Growing with our customers based on win-win relationship and shared rewards & risks
  • Innovation – Blending creativity with deep retail expertise to cross the technology – business gap
  • Positive and Pragmatic Maintaining a balance between vision/big picture & practical/iterative steps
Map and compass



IVIS Group was founded in 1994, at the dawn of the commercialisation of the Internet. The vision was then, as it is now, to deliver Integrated Visual Information Solutions that empower businesses to use technology to gain strategic advantage.  We didn’t hesitate to take the lead, here are a few examples:

  • Organic growth over 25 years with expansion into Asia since 2007
  • Initiating R&D for one of the earliest AI-driven Product Information & Merchandising Management powering some of the largest world’s retailers since 2004
  • Launching one of the worlds earliest true customer centric retailing in 2011 across 1200 touchpoints including 800 physical stores in the UK
  • Developing an end-to-end customer centric consulting methodology and used it to deliver many high-profile projects worldwide
  • Transforming the company’s business model to an outsourced on-demand services delivering value directly to the business to enrich product data in real-time based on industry standards




Identity Retailing ‘Shopping the Way Customers’ Want’

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