“53% of 17,000 customers surveyed in 2021 want their Grocers to educate them about the food they purchase”

Source: Deloitte, 2021

Yet only 1 in 10 grocers provide sufficient product information to inform and guide their customers regarding the food they buy during their shopping journeys.

Study of  top 40 retailers worldwide by IVIS Group, 2021

IVIS Group can deliver the necessary Product Enrichment and Customer Personalisation Services  to transform your retail channels to exceed your customers’ expectations.

Display product attributes easily on your website

Your customers need to quickly find and verify the products that fit their health, lifestyle and sustainability preferences.

Your customers want to be inspired by recipes that correspond to their lifestyle and dietary preferences and needs.

Our product enrichment and customer personalisation services are designed to respond to your customers’ needs, by incorporating a range of health and wellness attributes for all your touchpoints.

According to a recent survey:

60% of the respondents surveyed preferred health over affordability

64% of respondents surveyed indicated that they have become more interested in the influence of food on their health over the past year

Source: Deloitte, 2021 

263 enriched attributes to describe a product

We provide retailers with accurate product enrichment and visualisation to encourage customers to shop according to their health, dietary needs, allergies and values.

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