Personalising the Shopping Experience

Shopping the Way Customers Want

Our Product Enrichment and Customer Personalisation Services empowers digital channels to deliver a highly personalised shopping experience. They enhance customer satisfaction and retention by allowing customers to shop based on their health and lifestyle preferences. Our services drive higher sales, profitability and greater brand penetration globally for the likes of Tesco, Marks & Spencer and Currys.

rimaRetail® is a unique suite of real-time and dynamic services driving the customer journey by transforming base product data into rich lifestyle information using a combination of XAI technology and extensive retail ontology. Sonetto® delivers international award-winning product experience and promotions management across physical and digital channels through patented technology that automates merchandising and enrichment to personalise the customer shopping journey. (Cm)²® Customer-Centric Maturity Model is a customer-centric proven methodology delivering a strategic consulting and operational business change framework to transform retailers and brand owners into Customer Centric businesses.

IVIS Group helps retailers to deliver the vision of Identity Retailing « Shopping the Way Customers Want » by transitioning from « Product Retailing » to « Retailing as a Continuous Dialogue »

Simplify Your Customer’s Journey

Inspire Them towards Better Health

A University of Minnesota study published by the Cambridge University Press’ Public Health Nutrition Journal  reveals that customers want:

  • A “healthy shopping” setting with their personal preferences for the types of foods they want to purchase in limited amounts (e.g., sugary foods, salty foods, etc.) and the types of foods they want to purchase in plentiful amounts (e.g., fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc.).
  • A healthy meal planning tool with meal ideas and recipes tailored to their family’s taste, nutrition, convenience and price preferences.
  • A nutrition cart tool scoring the nutrition level of the shopping cart and provide recommendations for how to improve the quality (e.g., swap lightly salted or unsalted peanuts for regular salted peanuts).

Create Dialogue with your Customers

Customers are faced with a multitude of product choices with conflicting dietary and marketing claims within their grocery shopping trip. It can be overwhelming for customers to quickly find and verify the products they need that fit the dietary and health preferences for both themselves and their families.

Customers want to be inspired by shoppable recipes that correspond to their dietary and health preferences thus simplifying their meal planning and shopping journeys. They need to easily filter out key allergens and sensitivities in food ingredients easily when shopping.

Our product enrichment and customer personalisation services respond to your customers’ needs by incorporating various health and wellness approach for all your touchpoints.

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Identity Retailing ‘Shopping the Way Customers’ Want’

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