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IVIS Group works with FMC to build a Clinical Decision Support POC for Kidney Disease patients


IVIS Group helped Fresenius Medical Care (FMC) to establish a Proof of Concept application for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) sufferers, automating clinical decisions, supporting patients earlier in their diagnosis and reducing the cost of long-term healthcare.

CKD impacts around 10% of the UK population and of the 700,000 patients the example Primary Care Trust (PCT) cares for, around 2,500 are CKD sufferers that need to be managed by FMC.

Our Solutions

– Clinical Decision Support

Using multiple criteria, such as a patient’s symptoms, their medical history, the medical history of their family, details on the illness from historical records as well as information from medical journals and publications, the Sonetto® rules engine ran algorithms to make recommendations on treatment.

– Workflow

A final decision on treatment was made by the clinician, which itself was saved as a rule and formed part of future algorithms, so the system learns and improves over time. As the treatment is selected, an update is made to the patient record, and a workflow is triggered, which will ensure both the patient and clinician are notified and reminded about the treatment.

– Cross-patient learning

Because past patients records are online, and the system is always learning and refining treatment recommendations based on past case histories, other patients and new information from medical journals. As one patient is given a new treatment, others with the same symptoms and history receive an updated recommendation for their clinician to review.

– Patient scheduling

To ensure that each patient received the correct recommendations for treatment the treatment plans are being followed, the Sonetto® scheduling component was used. This sends notifications and updates to patients and clinicians either in the form of a printed letter, email or appointment.

– Prescriptions

For a truly integrated approach to patient care, Sonetto® was connected to a sample pharmacy application to ensure that required prescriptions would be fulfilled and automatically prepared for the patient.


CATEGORY: Disease management

SOLUTIONS: IVIS professional services

DELIVERABLES: IVIS Group established a Proof of Concept application for Chronic Kidney Disease for Fresenius Medical Care (FMC)

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