Fresh and Easy had a vision of bringing the service and convenience that customers have in the fast food industry and combining it with the quality and freshness of its grocery produce.

Implementing omni-channel for Fresh & Easy was about creating a proposition aligned to the customer’s behaviour – shopping for freshly prepared meals every day.


Click and Collect

  • Analysis of existing business and approach
  • Definition of end-to-end process from food production facilities, to store and to end customer
  • Integration with stores for picking & loyalty for rewards
  • Initial implementation across 120 stores
  • Defined ROI and business case ahead of launch
  • Same day ordering for fresh food, pre-order for meals
  • Integration with stores for Click & Collect
  • 20 minutes from order capture to order collection

Loyalty and Promotions

  • Created a process for managing configurable Meal Deal offers allowing for customisation of a meal for a customer
  • Recommendation of meal components – best side dishes for a main meal
  • Integration of recipe data to provide meal ideas and “buy the recipe” ordering
  • “Smart” coupons that can be associated to customers or attached to a loyalty card
  • Site content changing by dietary requirements and hour of day to highlight relevant meals
  • Dynamic Promotions based on Friends Reward card profile – real time change based on store and online purchases

CATEGORY: Brand promotion

SOLUTIONS: IVIS Professional Services

ACTIONS: Configurable Meal Deal offers

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