Mydin launches customer centric website

Business Challenge

With plans to open 13 more hypermarkets in the next two years and 50 MyMydin outlets every year, Mydin needed to reposition itself  as a major player in the  hypermarket and mini market business and to attain a larger customer segment, particularly the youth.

In order to achieve this, Mydin required a new customer centric website to be the online gateway for marketing and communication activities, a portal for targeting and converting a larger customer youth segment as well as a platform for announcing events and activities such as new store launches and promotions.


To ensure that the structure of the site and the content delivered the desired business benefits, IVIS Group followed a User-Centred Design (UCD) approach, for which a team of user experience consultants worked alongside Mydin to design a website that focused on the needs of the business users as well as on engaging and converting the intended target market.

Based on IVIS Group’s expertise in building portals, a Content Management System (CMS) was implemented as the website platform to give Mydin a solution that would allow easy management of the content and provide maximum capability to accommodate future changes in Mydin’s business strategy.

Business Benefits

With the IVIS Group, Mydin gained a rich and customer centric website – a solid platform to support its marketing and business strategy while providing agile and easily adaptable features for future multi-channel expansion.

IVIS Group delivered the following business benefits:

  • Repositioning the Mydin brand to target the youth segment
  • Customer centric website with rich user experience and user journeys
  • Platform for social media integration and cross-interaction with sites such as Facebook
  • Increase in search engine ranking for related keywords
  • Easily maintainable site based on templates

Following the successful delivery of the new website, Mydin saw an immediate and sustained increase in traffic of up to 30% as well as a direct visible impact on in store sales.


CATEGORY: Customer experience

SOLUTIONS: IVIS professional services

DELIVERABLES: IVIS Group helped Mydin to deliver a customer centric content rich website

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