TAORAY WANG is a women’s wear designer luxury brand that offers Made-to-Measure (MTM) products and exclusive personalised services to powerful, professional and modern female leader who appreciates refined tailoring, sophisticated silhouettes and luxurious fabrics.

The brand was launched in New York Fashion Week in September 2014.


Solutions: Omni-Channel integrated solution – IVIS Group technology

Using British patented technology, IVIS Group solutions provide an Artificial Intelligence engine as part of the solution that enables business users to manage their marketing and merchandising activities using Machine Learning. Retailers need agility in today’s a fast-paced trading as they constantly having to push the boundaries in increasing their market reach across categories, channels, business models, regions and target segments. This was the business driver behind the development of Sonetto, IVIS Group technology which has been used by some of the retail world leaders such as Tesco in the UK and their overseas markets.

Omni-Channel integrated solution to TAORAY WANG, taoray taoray and TAO.W. These solutions spans both physical and digital channels including bricks & mortar stores, website, mobile shopping, WeChat Store (social media store) and store EPoS (Electronic Point of Sales). The solution provides complete visibility of customers regardless of which channel(s) they are using to interact with the brand and holistic view of products/stock, such that customers can choose any product, anytime from anywhere.

Consulting and Services

  • Brand Definition
  • Brand Strategy
    • Mapping Brand Values to customer journey/experience
    • Brand Consistency throughout touch points
  • Brand Positioning
    • Identify brands/market Competitive Landscape and Value Proposition
    • Identify brands/market Differentiation and Opportunities
    • Identify and understand the brands Target Segments and followers
    • Review Brands Consistency through all touch points
  • Digital Marketing and Trading
    • Marketing Strategy Recommendations
    • Digital Improvement and Attraction Strategies
    • Press Releases
    • Press Kits
    • Assisting with Press Coverage and Clippings. Covering English, Chinese and International media
    • Brand Communication guidelines
    • Q&A recommendations
  • Website design and branding
  • Content
    • Creating & Reviewing the Content Strategy through the different channels
    • Creating & Reviewing content plan and calendar
    • Delivering different types of lifestyle content
    • Review execution of lifestyle content across channels
    • Brand Storytelling. Identify brand stories and content for product and lifestyle to appeal to the brand target and followers
    • Identify suitable communications channels to reach brand target and followers
  • Social Media (Western and Chinese) strategy and execution
    • Strategy, Recommendations and Review for Western and Chinese Social Media brands channels
    • Assistance planning Western Social Media Channels publications before brand events
    • Delivering different types of lifestyle content specific for social media use
    • Review Social Media strategy and implementation in China and Western
  • Events and collaborations
    • Identify opportunities for brand collaborations and international activities and events
    • Identifying and engaging fashion influencers who fit the brand identity
  • Customer Relationship
    • Define customer relationship management strategy
    • Define loyalty programme
    • Decide on areas for alliances and partnerships

CATEGORY: Omni-Channel consulting

SOLUTIONS: IVIS Management Solutions

DELIVERABLES: Artificial Intelligence engine

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