Optimising the Online Marketing Channel for Tesco.com with IVIS Sonetto® Solutions


Partner relationship management is becoming a key online marketing channel for multi-channel retailers. Retailers with an online presence can drive more customers to their websites by partnering with affiliate networks and shopping comparison sites. In return they pay a cost per click (CPC) charge per lead or sale generated. The challenge is to ensure that multiple online partners are supplied with accurate customer-oriented product information according to their disparate requirements. Additionally, products must be included or excluded quickly according to price competitiveness, availability and CPC level. This dynamic, marketing-driven process is usually handed to IT to expedite. However, without agile, business-driven systems, failure to respond quickly to changing market conditions can lead to dissatisfied customers, brand damage, lost sales and increased marketing costs.

Business Challenge

Tesco.com sends over 30 different product data feeds to up to 15 online partner networks, including affiliates and shopping comparison sites, every day. These feeds contain information on hundreds of thousands of products from its electrical, entertainment and Jersey-based product catalogues. Each partner requires a unique data feed and Tesco.com needs the ability to implement new partners and amend feeds dynamically in response to changes in market conditions.

Before Tesco.com engaged IVIS Group on the project, the IT team were experiencing high levels of resource demand from the business users managing the process. Tesco.com wanted to improve the ROI from its online marketing programme and empower business users to manage partners more dynamically.

Solution – Sonetto® Channel Information Management

IVIS Group implemented the award winning Sonetto® Channel Information Management (CIM) solution, which Tesco.com used to manage their online marketing programme. Sonetto® CIM, a component of the Sonetto® Retail suite, is an application that enables a business to manage, control and publish all information across multiple channels. Sonetto® CIM takes a single feed and specifically tailors the information for each channel in a multi-channel environment. It takes in product, pricing and promotional data and uses business rules to adapt the content automatically for each channel – such as online, in-store, kiosks, call centres and marketing partners including affiliates or price comparison sites. As Sonetto® CIM is connected to other product or pricing systems it ensures dynamic, real-time and accurate information is delivered to every channel.


CATEGORY: Channel information management

SOLUTIONS: Sonetto® Channel Information Management

DELIVERABLES: IVIS Group uses Sonetto® solutions to support Tesco.com in managing their multi-channel marketing

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