IVIS Group at the 2nd CGF Supply Chain Conference: WinterComes Shaping the Future of Supply Chains

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and shifting consumer demands, the global supply chain landscape is undergoing a profound transformation. Businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance agility, resilience, and sustainability while meeting the ever-evolving demands of the modern world. It is within this context that WinterComes presents the 2nd Edition of the Supply Chain Conference, a pivotal event within the week-long WinterComes gathering. Set to take place on the 25th – 29th of September in Sitges, Barcelona, this conference will bring together industry leaders and experts to explore the role of cutting-edge technologies in shaping the future of supply chains.

Qusai Sarraf, Founder and CEO of IVIS Group, is one of the invited speakers at the Supply Chain Conference. Qusai has 29 years of experience in retail and internet innovation and was a member of the pioneering group that designed and launched Tesco.com in 1996. He has a particular focus on the development and use of eXplainable AI (XAI) for health, nutrition, and sustainability. In addition to his business interests, he is Visiting Professor at Peking University, and an author and coach on business transformation and innovation.

The Essence of the Supply Chain Conference

The Supply Chain Conference at WinterComes promises to be an enriching experience for attendees, offering insights into the evolving landscape of supply chains in the digital age.

Qusai’s presentation will include key aspects of the evolving supply chain landscape:

Future Competitive Advantage: The presentation will delve into how supply chain networks have become instrumental in delivering innovative, personalised products, services, and experiences. Customers demand more than just products; they require custom-made experiences building a deep understanding of their personal preferences and shopping drivers. Supply chain networks play a crucial role in delivering these value-driven customer experiences.

Transforming Product Data: The session will explore the evolution in product data management from a supply chain-centric perspective to a customer-centric viewpoint.  Attendees will gain valuable insights into leveraging customer preferences and shopping behaviours to enhance the entire customer journey, from find and verify, to inspire, plan, and engage. All of this with the aim of creating an interactive, dynamic and highly personalised customer journey reflecting a customer’s food reactions, diets, values, lifestyle, life stage, and inspirations.

Benefits of Enrichment: The presentation will spotlight the advantages of extending supply chain data to the “shelf edge” in both physical and digital spaces. This transparency not only reduces food waste but also provides customers with actionable insights, promoting sustainable initiatives. Bringing tangible, measurable impact on customer satisfaction, bottom-line and brand value.

Collaboration and Alignment: In the ever-evolving world of supply chains, collaboration and alignment are paramount. The presentation will explain how retailers can harness tools and platforms to foster better collaboration and alignment, paving the way for enhanced compliance and forecasting and placing the customer at the heart of decision-making. In this way, businesses can transition from a comparatively simplistic supply chain to a more holistic, resilient, and profitable value chain.

This creates the basis for Identity Retailing – enabling customers to shop the way they want to shop, based on their specific and personal needs and aspirations – positioned across all channels and touchpoints

The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF)’s global Supply Chain Conference convenes one global and diverse network with a shared mission: “to unlock the potential of global supply chains and be the foundation for which consumer trust is built upon”. The conference provides the perfect blend of shared learning, best practises, challenges, cutting-edge innovations, and networking. It brings together senior supply chain, logistics, and data experts responsible for planning, specifying, installing, maintaining, and moving products all over the world, to address challenges such as global shortages, fragmentation, and complexity, rising prices, geopolitics, and failing trust.

The CGF’s global Supply Chain Conference is where the future of supply chains is created and is more than just an information-sharing platform; it’s a hub for networking, best practices, and collaboration. It offers direct access to the minds behind groundbreaking innovations in supply chain, logistics, and data.

For a comprehensive overview of the conference schedule, you can access the latest programme online at Alternatively, you can download the latest program here.

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Qusai Sarraf Founder and CEO IVIS Group

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