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Easyjet relies on IVIS Group for website enrichment and internationalisation


IVIS Group helped easyJet by enriching and internationalising its websites to enhance customer experience. The solutions were delivered using IVIS Professional Services, a range of multi-channel consulting and delivery services.

Established in 1995 in the UK, easyJet is Europe’s leading low-fares airline and its popularity has soared over the years due to its affordable ticket prices and impressive customer service. Based at London’s Luton Airport, it currently operates domestic and international scheduled services on close to 400 routes throughout Europe and carries over 40 million passengers a year.

The tourism industry is a highly competitive marketplace where organisations feel the need to make full use of all their channels to reach out to customers. In addition to developing marketing strategies for their offline channels, airlines and travel agencies are competing with each other to build up sound online marketing strategies and develop customer-centric websites to attract customers and generate sales.

IVIS Group’s business focussed approach, high standard of professional services, and depth of technical expertise make it a great organisation to work with. IVIS Group has delivered solutions under very tight deadlines and has added great value to our business.

Colin Rees – Head of Software Delivery, easyJet

Many people now select holiday packages online as it is very convenient to access information via the Internet from the comfort of one’s home or office. Numerous organisations in the world of tourism offer online holiday packages to customers but the web interface is often only in the English language. Although offered customers multi-language support for flights, it did not do the same for holiday packages. With IVIS Group’s solution, customers visiting and can select from a wide range of holiday packages – including car rentals, hotels, and insurance – in Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish. No doubt, this multi-language support feature has considerably expanded easyJet’s potential reach to its non-English speaking customers, improving customer relationships and revenues.

In this environmentally conscious age, customers have become increasingly aware of greenhouse gases and the effects of carbon on the skies. Despite this, many airlines do not disclose the amount of carbon they emit. easyJet wanted to provide its customers with the option of donating a small amount to offset the carbon released into the environment from their flight. It then collects and forwards all donations to projects approved by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Customers can be content knowing that the amount of carbon their flight emits is counterbalanced through a UN approved carbon reduction project they have financially supported. With IVIS Group’s solution, easyJet customers can opt to donate money using the ‘Carbon Offsetting’ feature and can also calculate the amount of carbon their flight will emit using the ‘Carbon Calculator’ feature on the site. These features have added great value to easyJet’s business as they help reassure customers of its commitment to the environment.


CATEGORY: Customer experience

SOLUTIONS: IVIS professional services

DELIVERABLES: IVIS Group helped easyJet by enriching and internationalising its websites.

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