Personalised Nutrition with Made to Measure Enrichment

Customers are increasingly looking for healthier food options. However, healthy choices are dependent on the customer’s allergen, diet and lifestyle preferences. In effect, one person’s healthy selection maybe harmful for another, and to adapt on old English expression “what may be good for the goose, is not necessarily good for the gander”.

To create a more dynamic shopping journey based on a customer’s profile and preferences, product enrichment plays a key part.

Personalisation is a lot more than implementing a CRM. From the retailer’s perspective, it is about capturing customer insight, sharing it across channels and relevant departments and then executing a refined proposition based on the insight accumulated. From the customer’s perspective, there is an expectation that the retailer knows them, shows them, values them and empowers them to engage in a way that suits their lifestyle and preferences.

There are many aspects of personalisation including promotions, customer journey and ranging. We will focus on one aspect of personalisation which is relating to product information. Product data has traditionally been defined from a supply-chain centric perspective,  rather than from the customer’s standpoint.  This is reflected across the supply chain from manufacturers to distributors and retailers. This has always been one of the key challenges facing retailers and brands as they initiate and develop their e-commerce channel.

Perhaps there is nothing more profound than Made-to-Measure (MTM) fashion to convey the highest standards in tailoring, quality and service. MTM is the ultimate personalisation to aspire to when it comes to delivering on customers’ expectations. While MTM is used in several retail categories, it is mostly associated with fashion.

Personalised nutrition is the equivalent of MTM enrichment in the food category. By enriching each product with attributes related to the way that we think and shop, then customers can easily find their products without referring to external sources or worse, leave the website to find the products somewhere else. Customers are desperately seeking such frictionless journeys, and are less accepting of disconnected and impersonal retailing as we emerge from Covid times.

Product data enrichment is the first step that retailers should take towards personalising the customer journey. Only once this is implemented does CRM personalisation makes sense as a consequence of retailers understanding why the customer shops the way that they do.

To learn more about personalising your customers journey, and to understand the power of enrichment in retailing,  please contact us for a demo.

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